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    • 04/09/2019
    • 12/27/2020
    • 42 sessions
    • 25 M Range
    • 07/02/2019
    • 07/07/2020
    • 13 sessions
    • Classroom

    • 08/02/2019
    • 01/24/2020
    • 26 sessions
    • 25m

    • 08/20/2019
    • 03/17/2020
    • 7 sessions
    • 4

    • 09/07/2019
    • 07/25/2020
    • 46 sessions

    • 09/11/2019
    • 07/29/2020
    • 47 sessions

    • 09/22/2019
    • 12/29/2019
    • 5 sessions

    Check out our facilities.  Try our range - bring your own gun and ammo.

    See restrictions on allowable types of guns and ammo.

    • 09/24/2019
    • 07/28/2020
    • 11 sessions
    • 25m

    One on one coaching for women to become more comfortable with their firearms.  Beginners welcome.

    $25/year members

    $50/year non-members

    • 09/26/2019
    • 02/06/2020
    • 19 sessions
    • 25m

    • 10/02/2019
    • 07/01/2020
    • 9 sessions

    • 10/08/2019
    • 04/17/2020
    • 14 sessions

    This is a league shooting rifles chambered in .22LR (Short or Long allowed also) from benches indoors at 25 meters (82 feet).

    Time: Set up starting at 8:00 A.M. 1st Relay Sighters at 8:30 or when set-up complete and relay         is full.  Relays will run to accommodate all shooters who come to shoot on a given day.  Note that shooters will NOT have to be at the range at 8:00 am to shoot on a given day.  However, shooters must arrive by 10 am to be eligible to shoot.  Relays are expected to take approximately 1 hour, and 3 relays are anticipated each shooting day.

    Range: This league will use the AR&PC 25m range, targets will be 25 meters from the firing line.  Initially there will be six shooting benches, 4 for right-handed shooters, 1 for a left-handed shooter and 1 ambidextrous bench.  If there is sufficient demand another ambidextrous bench may be available.

    Targets: The targets used for this league will be the USBR Bench Rest target.

    Competition Format: Each shooter will fire two targets for record, each target is worth up to 250 points, so a total of 500 points is possible.  Shooters will compete in classes determined by their equipment.  The classes will be:

    • o   Sporter Class: Any unmodified factory rifle having its original barrel, stock and trigger, chambered for the .22 LR cartridge meeting the following requirements is permitted. 
    • Exclusions: 
      • Factory triggers may be modified but not replaced.  o Factory barrels may be set back, cut back, rechambered, and/or re-crowned, but must retain visible factory markings
      • Original Factory stocks may be glass bedded, barrels may be free-floated, and sling swivel studs may be removed. 
    • Unmodified factory rifles (with exclusions) and scope shall not weigh more than 8 pounds. 
    • No barrel attachments.
    • No limit on scope magnification.
    • Two-piece rests only
    • Rests may not be attached.  o Rests may be placed upon a shooting bench but not attached
    • o   Limited Class: Any rifle chambered for the .22 LR cartridge meeting the following requirements is permitted
    • o   No rifle/scope weight limits
    • o   No limit on scope magnification 
    • o   No dimensional restrictions to barrel or stock
    • §  Factory barrels only, no aftermarket or custom barrels 
    • §  Any/all barrel attachments permitted
    • Two-piece rests only
    • Rests may not be attached o Rests may be placed upon a shooting bench but not attached 
    • o   Unlimited Class: All Limited Class requirements noted above, apply to the Unlimited Class with exceptions
    • o   One-piece rests (recommended/preferred) or two-piece rests (competitor option) are used
    • Limited production rifles such as (but not limited to) Coopers and Bleikers, that use aftermarket barrels such as Shilen, Lija, Krieger, Wilson, etc. will shoot in the Unlimited Class
    • o   Schuetzen Class: Single shot non-bolt action rifles that meet other requirements for Limited Class with the following exception:
    • o   Replacement Barrels are allowed

    To encourage shooting of a variety of rifles, if there are less than three competitors in a class, no awards will be given, but the fees will be reduced to $10/relay for non-members and $5/relay for AR&PC members.

    Fees: Fees are proposed to be $15/relay for non-AR&PC members, $10/relay for AR&PC members.  Note this is subject to AR&PC board approval.

    Questions or Suggestion Contact Doug Maxwell (303) 907-1667

    • 10/28/2019
    • 03/23/2020
    • 22 sessions


    The league will meet Monday nights from 28 October 2019 through 23 March 2020. Competitors will have 22 weeks to complete twenty matches. The smallbore range will be open at 5:15 with the first relay starting at 5:30.

    Course of fire:

    A match will consist of 4 strings of 10 shots at 50 feet on the A36 target with smallbore (.22 caliber) rifles. Competitors may fire more than one match during a shooting session, but each match should be completed in one shooting session.

    Unlimited sighters (using the center sighting bulls) are allowed until the individual begins firing for score. Additional unlimited sighters are allowed after changing position, or after firing two strings of ten shots for record and changing targets. In the Silhouette and Prone category only, the competitor will be allowed unlimited sighters before shooting for record on their 1st and 2nd strings. The targets will then be changed, and the competitor will again be allowed unlimited sighters before shooting for record on their 3rd and 4th strings.

    A cease-fire will be called as needed or every 30 minutes to change targets.


    Shooters may compete in one of the following categories:

    3-Position (no more than one prone target, at least one each kneeling and standing)

    Silhouette (4 standing targets)

    Biathlon (2 standing & 2 prone)

    Prone (4 prone targets)

    High-power (no more than one prone target, at least one each sitting and standing).

    Shooters must shoot in the same category the entire season. Rankings will be tabulated and prizes awarded based on scores submitted.

    Spotting scopes are allowed. Either scopes or iron sights are acceptable. AR&PC will provide targets.


    All targets will be self-scored and scores reported via e-mail to Dennis Casey. Scoring devices will be available on Monday nights.


    $40 for AR&PC members, $80 for non-members.

    Please contact Dennis Casey with any questions: or 303-912-1528.

    • 11/11/2019
    • 05/11/2020
    • 7 sessions
    • Silhouette
    2nd Monday of each month, from 6-8 pm.
    • Any sight, (iron, red dot, scope, etc)
    • 1 or 2 handed
    • .177 caliber
    • monthly handicap calculation to make a level playing field for all competitors
    • $5 members/$10 non-members each session

    • 12/28/2019
    • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

    We will use USBR 50-yard rimfire targets.  For the initial shoot, we will allow 5 minutes final set-up time and 25 minutes to shoot unlimited sighting shots on the three sighting bulls and one shot on each of the 25 "record" bulls.  we plan to start shooting a relay every 40 minutes or so. Scoring will be off the line and no records of scores will be kept except those kept by the shooters themselves.

    This will be a fun match: entry fees will be $5.00 per shooter per relay for AR&PC members, $10.00 for the first relay for non-members. Re=entries will be allowed after everyone gets a chance to shoot once.  All re-entry targets will be $5.00.  All fees are to be paid on the day of the match.

    • 01/04/2020
    • 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM
    • 14

    There will be classroom time, a walking tour and range time.

    Bring your own gun and ammo, hearing and eye protection and a pen.

    See restrictions on allowable types of guns and ammo.

    If you have any questions or concerns please email us:

    • 01/04/2020
    • 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
    • 25m

    Register from Safety/Orientation - Classroom link

    • 01/19/2020
    • 12/20/2020
    • 12 sessions

    Pistol Caliber Carbine includes any PCC style firearm using ammo allowed at the range

    Register at Practiscore

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