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2023 Zero Bullet Group Order

Order Deadline is Midnight December 15, 2023

Fellow Shooters,

For the third time the Arvada Rifle and Pistol Club is sponsoring a group order with Zero Bullet Company. Zero Bullets are some of the best on the market. Their lead bullets are swaged, not cast, and therefore have excellent consistency and are very accurate. These are components not loaded ammunition.  Here are the guidelines for the group order:

1.     Fill out the order sheet and return it to Wayne Harris.  Please give the completed form and payment to Wayne or mail it to:
      Wayne Harris c/o Arvada Rifle and Pistol Club

      5930 McIntyre Street, Golden, CO 80403

2.     Check, cash or money order must accompany the order sheet. Do not send cash through the mail. Make checks payable to Arvada Rifle and Pistol Club. No Credit Cards.
3.     The bullets will be shipped to the Arvada Rifle and Pistol Club and must be picked up at the Club's range:
     5930 McIntyre Street, Golden, CO 80403 
4.     Zero will take at least 4 weeks to process our order. We should have them by the first week of February but please plan accordingly. AR&PC has no control over how soon we receive the shipment from Zero. If you need bullets immediately, order them yourself and forego the group discount.
5.     The order form shows the Jacketed and Swaged pistol bullets that Zero offers and currently have in stock. If you have questions as to what a particular bullet looks like please visit Zero's website. Part numbers are listed on the order sheet.
6.     We will not accept orders for loaded ammunition as Zero's backlog is huge on ammo.
7.     If you have questions about the order, contact Wayne Harris at
8.     The prices listed include 4.5% sales tax which will be paid by the Club.
9.    Download the order form, insert the quantities of bullets desired and the form will calculate the total amount of your order. Print the form and mail it with your payment to the address shown above.

10. A fillable version of the order sheet can be found by clicking here

Order Deadline is Midnight December 15, 2023

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