Bullseye League

  • When: Thursdays
  • Time:  4-7 pm
  • Course of fire: 
    • .22 and center fire National Match Courses.
    • One target each of slow, timed and rapid fire on alternate relays.
    • You may fire a .22 during a center fire relay.
    • Please contact the club for the next orientation date.
    • No firing for record on orientation days.
  • Rules: 
    • NRA rules apply.
    • Scoring will be by competitors.
    • Differences will be settled by jury.
    • Competitors may sign up for two relays (one relay if shooting only one gun). After these relays, competitors are welcome to sign up for more relays if there is space and others are not waiting.
    • Your first relays must be for score – no warm up relays.
  • Awards: 
    • Match winner may not be a class winner.
    • Minimum of ten scores are required to qualify for awards.
    • All scores count towards your average.
    • If you do not have an NRA classification, one will be assigned for league.
  • Disclaimer: The pistol executive officer reserves the right to make any changes, additions or deletions to this program.
  • For More info: contact us
  • Notes:
    • League will be coordinated by Steve Markstrom
    • There is more info regarding bullseye shooting in the Links section!

bullseye slow bullseye timed rapid

The target on the left is used for the slow fire strings and the on the right for timed and rapid fire.

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