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Air Rifle Benchrest

  • 09/24/2022
  • 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Air Rifle Silhouette Range (upstairs)
  • 6


  • Member $10.00
    Non-Member $15.00

    Cash or Check payable to ARPC due the day of the event.

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Air Rifle Benchrest at ARPC

Match Director: Mike McAvoy

• Match fees are $10 per person for ARPC members and $15 for members’ guest.  Cash or check payable to ARPC due the day of the match.
You must register with the match director to participate; you will be notified by email what relay you will be shooting in.

Competition Rules Non-sanctioned events
• Only .177 calibers are allowed. Lead pellets consistent with production availability
• Power level is restricted to 1100 feet per second maximum (this is to protect the
• Any weight rifle is allowed. Provided it meets the .177 caliber and power limits.
• One and two piece front or rear adjustable rests and bi-pods are allowed.
• Scopes may utilize illumination.
• Tethered tanks are allowed.
• The target will be the international target format. Scoring will be done by WRABF
international rules.
• We will shoot 3 targets for a competition.
• You will have 20 minutes per target for unlimited sighters and 25 record shots.
• 1 shot per bull
• Two hits on a single bull will score a zero
• Pellets that touch the bullseye are scored as a 10 and pellets that “obliterate” the
bullseye are scored as a “X”. A single target perfect score would be 250-25X.
• Target distance will be 25 yards.
• Scoring will be done by experienced scorers and no shooter shall score their own
targets. Scoring is to be done by using an approved .22 caliber (.224”) gauge/plug.
• With the limited number of benches available we will run several relays (dependent
of registered participants) a competitor will be given a “relay number” that they will
shoot in. A competitor should arrive 30 minutes prior to their relay start time.
• Relays will begin every 90 minutes.
• Match winners (bragging rights) will be based on high aggregate score, highest
single target score.
• Match fees are $10 per person for ARPC members and $15 for members’ guest.
You must register with the match director to participate; you will be notified by
email what relay you will be shooting in.
• Match Director Mike McAvoy

Are you new to Benchrest?
Introduction to Air Rifle Benchrest at ARPC
What do I need to play?
● First of all, an air rifle. In order to compete, you need a .177 caliber air rifle. It can either be a spring type, or the newer PCP style. If it’s a PCP style, it will have to be able to fire a minimum of 25 consecutive rounds without the need to fill. In order to prevent damage to our backstop we are restricting rifles to a maximum power of 1100 feet per second as set by the manufacture.
● Your favorite ammo. You will be shooting at least 75 rounds in the competition portion. Practice shots  are relatively unlimited in number. It is recommended you get domed pellets the wad cutter type tend to tumble at distances over 10m.
● A mounted scope is highly recommended. It is not required to shoot, however it will be nearly impossible to see the bull without one. Minimum suggested power recommendations are 20x + to get a good visual. Shooters have been known to shoot with 12x.
● You will need safety glasses, and they must be kept on at all times.
● Hearing protection is highly recommended. Some air rifles can get loud.
● You must be 18 years old to shoot without parental supervision present. We certainly encourage children to be a part of the fun!
● A Benchrest, or sandbag of some type. We have a few available to get you started. Bipods are allowed during competition. Be aware that your benchrest must NOT clamp your gun into it. It can only rest on it.
● Targets: We will provide the targets you will use for the competition.
● Air: We have spare air available to fill your PCP. So no need to bring your hand pump.
The goal is to encourage the development of the sport, and not to discourage, intimidate, or scare away new or potential participants. When you show up for the first time you can expect to be paired with an experienced member, who will show you the ropes, and guide you. We strongly encourage participation with the younger generation. Bring your kids!

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